84 housing - Carros


84 housing,
Carros, France

Delivery: 2022
Project owner: Vinci immobilier Méditerranée, in’Li PACA
Architect: SAME
Structure engineers: ECI structure
Fluid engineers: Altergis fluides
Site development engineers: Sudvrd
Operational Project Management: SUDETEC
Floor area: 4.800m²
Cost: 6.9 M€ HT
Certification I Label:
RT 2012 -20%,
NF Habitat HQE

Photos : 11h45

Located 20 km north-west of Nice, the town of Carros is in the wake of the urban upheaval in the region. Our housing project is located in the lower part of this city called les Plans.

A former agricultural plain located at the foot of the hills, this territory is in full reorganization. It tends to become a place of life mixing center, urbanity, individual houses and farmland preserved in interstitial spaces. Our project in degraded tiling on 2 to 3 levels towards the South, is gradually connected to the semi-detached houses.

The approach adopted is that of a U-shaped building opening onto the street and enveloping a typical garden with preserved subjects: olive trees, eucalyptus, cypress. The facade is punctuated by verticals in dry stone, evoking the ancestral architectural characteristics of the region.

Offering between 76 and 96 housing units, the building offers the flexibility allowed by a twinning or a divisibility of typologies imagined upstream. Also, the choice of constructive framework confers (perfect superposition of the infrastructure and the superstructure) an economic rationality of the whole.

This project rigor is put at the service of a quality of use which is in keeping with the spirit of the place. Each accommodation has a large outdoor space and the whole opens onto the heart of an island in a Mediterranean garden.