Panoramas coffee - Paris II


Latino coffee, 
Paris II, France

Delivery : 2020
Project owner : ISANA
Partners : Hopfab, BTP Consultants
Floor area : 30 m²
Cost : N.C.
Label : -

Photo credits : 11h45

The second born of the ISANA family, the Panoramas café takes up the codes of its elder; smaller, more lively and dynamic, the place allows you to discover latin cuisine at any time of the day, on site or to take away.

At the crossroads of Feydeau and Panoramas streets, he embodies the Latin imagination. The colors and materials play on the contrast between the exoticism of the place and the picturesque Haussmannian building that houses it.

The dynamic atmosphere is made up of colorful lines, diagonals and grids. These motifs, widely used in pre-Hispanic architecture of the early 20th century, are inspired by pre-Columbian ruins and bring the project to life.

The coffee is structured around three spaces. In the center, the customer counter, on either side a seated tasting area and a fast food restaurant. The furniture and decorations are made to measure. The expanded mesh and the perforated sheet dialogue with the stone already present, through games of transparency. The presence of wood brings warmth and softness to the room.