66 housing units - Gattières


66 housing units,
Gattières, France

Studies: 2021-2022
Project owners: Quartus
Floor Area: 4.000m²
Cost: 6.6 M€ HT
Certifications | Labels:
RT 2012-20%,
NF Habitat HQE,
BDM Bronze

The project is located along the Carros road, with the main facade parallel to the street. The building develops a strong link with the landscape, maximizing views and taking advantage of its U-shaped layout. The linear nature of the project is interrupted by the creation of a gap. Centrally-located, this rift clearly identifies the project's hall.

The building fits into a site marked by very strong topographical constraints. This is the main architectural and constructive challenge of the project. It takes advantage of the site's steep slope and transforms it into a strength. The project is supported by a terraced system that also determines the landscaping. To integrate the building into the topography and minimize its presence on the street, the ground floor is deeply recessed into the ground. The ground floor is partially inhabited, with a stip of apartments on the street and entirely blind areas to the rear for parking and communal areas.

Existing plantings are entirely preserved in the upper part (marked as landscape elements to be protected), and mostly maintained/repositioned at the heart of the project for the part facing the street. The integration of the project within the landscape is further enhanced by the use of planted terraces.