The Frankie Shop - Paris III


The Frankie Shop Boutique, 7 rue Saint-Claude,
Paris III, France

Delivery: 2022
Project owners: The Frankie Shop
Partners: -
Floor Area: 64.5m²
Cost: 150k€HT

The project involves the redevelopment of a commercial unit situated in the 3rd arrondissement of Paris, in the heart of the Marais district, not far from the Saint-Denys du Sacrement Church. The shop is located on the ground floor and basement of a 7 story building  .

On the façade, the exterior cladding and the painted marine pine base are painted in white to reflect the brand’s identity.

On the ground floor, the room is divided in four main spaces : two sales areas, a fitting area and a back-cashier area dedicated to staff.  A design work was done on the furniture in order to take back the codes of the brand while developing it by reinventing it in the forms. The floor is made of millimetre waxed concrete. The whole shop has curve-angled corners, to soften the perception of space and make this shop a comfortable and organic space and bring a cocoon effect to the place.