Croix-Rouge subway station - Paris VI


Réinventer Paris 2,
Croix-Rouge subway station, Paris VI, France

Delivery: 2026
Project owner: Novaxia
Lead architect: SAME
Engineers : SETEC
Acoustics engineers: Avel
Material partners: Hopfab, 
Partners: RATP,
Ecole Ferrandi,
Agence En Place,
Depur Expériences,
Ah La Vache,
La Brûlerie de Paris,
La Cigogne,
Le Petit Ballon,
Le Syndicat,
Too Good To Go,
Floor area: 600m²
Cost: N.C.

Renders: Jeudi.Wang

TERMINUS is seizing the opportunity offered by the call for projects Réinventer Paris II, the underside of Paris, by offering a taste experience unique in the world.

Both cooperative and fun, elegant and educational, this place aims to reappropriate an architectural, cultural and emblematic heritage: a Parisian metro station. Reinvent the resort and make it a new gourmet place to live, both anchored in the history of the district, but also resolutely modern and geared towards an eco-responsible, participatory and inventive future of Paris.

LE TERMINUS refers to the former terminus of line 10, inaugurated in 1923.

Located under the Carrefour de la Croix Rouge, the sublimated former metro station offers a unique experience that revolves around 2 concepts:
. an experiential hall wharf between an underground market and a popular food court
. a restaurant / cocktail bar dock

The temporality follows the metro, with a Halle opening with the first metro, and a cocktail bar closing with the last.

The project highlights the architectural and decorative characteristics of the Croix-Rouge station:

The arcade as an element of memory of Paris "from above", ensuring hermeticity and transparency on the tracks.
. Furniture and materials as a dialogue between past and future. For the furnishings, the project will appeal to French artisans, and in particular from Ile-de-France.
. The frame of period advertising panels as a sales medium and artistic expression. To visually bring the place to life, two contemporary muralists will be invited to the Terminus every year for seasonal residences.

This place is conceived as a pilot project, an exceptional concept located in the heart of one of the emblems of Paris. Its dimension, which is both cooperative and marked by modernity, confirms Paris' place among the great innovative capitals.