29 housing units - Vaucresson


29 housing, 
Vaucresson, France

Delivery: 2026
Project owner: Novaxia
Architect: SAME
Engineers: AXOE
Floor area: 2.600 m²
Cost: 5.4M€ HT
Certifications I Labels:
NF Habitat HQE,
RT 2012 -20%

Renders: Jeudi.Wang

About ten kilometers away from Paris, the commune of Vaucresson is made up of a heterogeneous urban fabric and a transitory geography, between collective housing and individual houses.

Located on a largely wooded and steeply sloping site, this project of around thirty housing units is part of a unique plot and urban environment. This atypical context has shaped all of our thinking, from the materials used to the design of exterior and interior spaces.

Volumes, their materiality as well as their positioning have been designed according to the requirements of the site. Forced by the steep slope to dig the ground, we took advantage of the excavated soil by using it as cladding for buildings. The clay soil removed is worked and transformed in situ by a French craftsman into mud bricks. A vernacular material of construction, we aspire to a rehabilitation of the earth in our projects, and this especially when it is available on site.

This "low-tech" construction process represents an important innovation and is the subject of an ATex. The built massing follows the topographic layout of the site and bypasses the presence of remarkable plant species. These elements are constitutive of a correct insertion of the constructions thought into their environment. Also, the facades, envisaged in mud bricks, are punctuated with concrete horizontals which anchor the buildings to the ground and contribute to the stability of the whole. The use of wood in the window frames reinforces the neutrality of the project and echoes the surrounding plant context.

This project promises residents a rural and bucolic living environment. The strong naturalness of the place is extended in the constitution of the apartments, all opening, at a minimum, onto a large outdoor space. Systematically bi-oriented, the accommodation has a generous ceiling height and offers high quality of use. In a territory mixing different types of housing, mainly family apartments are a generous alternative to the highly acclaimed single-family house in Vaucresson.

The sobriety of the project is put at the service of the well-being of the inhabitants and the residents.