Emile Anthoine Center - Paris XV


Temporary occupation of the Emile Anthoine centre: SPOT 24 exhibition, dedicated to the promotion of the new Olympic sports for the 2024 Olympic Games,
Paris XV, France

Competition winners 2021, Delivery 2023 (final occupancy 2027)
Project owner temporary occupation: Paris je t'aime
Project owner for permanent occupation: RIVP

Within the Émile Anthoine sports complex in the heart of the15th arrondissement, the SPOT24 temporary occupation project is located right next to the Seine, the Eiffel Tower and the Bir-Hakeim Bridge. Situated at the confluence of Paris's major monuments, it benefits from an exceptional location.

The existing building, representative of Parisian Brutalism, was formerly occupied by offices. It is now being converted in two stages into a cultural and tourist venue: a first temporary use as part of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, and a second permanent occupation, the definition of which is currently under discussion.

On the ground floor, the facilities are designed to welcome and inform the public and promote the new Olympic sports: breaking, skateboarding, 3x3 basketball, surfing and sport climbing. Inspired by the ancient circuses formed by a semi-circular structure, the heart of the project is designed to bring people together. It is rooted in an urban and social dynamic that reflects an inclusive image of the city, its users and its uses, including these contemporary sports.

We are also committed to exploring the potential of existing architecture in a sustainable and attentive way, so that we can plan for the 'after'. The architectural devices and furnishings used in this temporary project are made from recycled or geo-sourced materials, such as wood. Reused, reconditioned and repurposed, this substance foreshadows the project of tomorrow.