Restaurant of the Bourdelle Museum - Paris XV


Le Rhodia, restaurant of the Bourdelle Museum
Paris XV, France

Delivery: 2023
Project owner: ISANA
Architect: SAME
Contractor: APB Concept
Graphic designer: Studio Freudenthal
Ceramist: Cyril Dennery
Woodworker: Alexandre Tellier
Upholsterer: Clémentine Messié
Travertin furniture: Talka
Luminaires: Céline Wright
Vintage furniture: Objet Vagabond, Galerie 44
Floor area: 95m²
Cost: -

Photo credits: 11h45

Located within the Musée Bourdelle, this new venue for Parisian gastronomy restores the domestic character of the former appartment of Rhodia Bourdelle and Michel Dufet. This luminous yellow and white setting, restored to its original state by Paris Musées, is the playground for a scenographic, furniture and decoration project.

Taking a holistic approach, SAME creates a unique atmosphere while focusing on the design of custom-made pieces of furniture. Semicircular travertine tables are placed at the four cardinal points of the restaurant, while two large family tables in ceramic and wood dominate the centre of the room. The latter, whose legs have been shaped using a vernacular method by ceramist Cyril Dennery, play on the earthy material to become an organic support for the oak tabletops.

Stone, clay and wood are chosen as an ode to the work of Antoine Bourdelle. As for the space, it combines touches of modernism with the chairs signed by Olavi Hänninen and Pierre Gautier Delaye, and contemporary design with the contribution of Céline Wright for the lighting fixtures handmade in the Parisian region.

This awareness of place combined with the present helps to create a link between the glorious history and radiant future of the new Le Rhodia restaurant.