Reille village - Paris XIV


180 housing,
Reille village, Paris XIV, France

Competition: 2019
Project owner: In'Li, Emerige
Lead architect: CoBe
Architects: Baumschlager Eberle Architekten, SAME
Engineers: Berim
Environnemental engineers: Emenda
Partners: Eiffage Construction, Eiffage Construction bois
Floor area: 11 000m²
Cost: 25 M€ HT
Certifications I Labels: 
Plan Climat Paris,
RT2012 -20%,
NF habitat with circular economy profile

Today, the 14th arrondissement has two faces: one is an attractive and lively district, and a second, quieter and more residential, of which the study site is part, not far from Parc Montsouris. This site, rich in its programming with the remarkable Saint Jeanne d’Arc chapel in the heart of an island, is bordered by a green space of great quality.

The whole challenge of the project, comprising 180 housing units of which 30% rental and 70% home ownership, is to be carefully integrated into the site to showcase this nature by preserving and consolidating it.

On a larger scale, history shows that the urbanization of the district was carried out by the aggregation of blocks, like villages in the city. Dense, the project wishes to awaken this spirit of conviviality. The unraveling game associated with places and a warm materiality contributes to this imagination.

Living in this residence means sharing collective spaces such as halls, gardens, woods and shared roofs. The fragmentation of the building guarantees a great wealth of views, from the apartments towards the chapel or further afield towards the Parc Montsouris.

The building envelope designed with a wooden structure and recycled brick filling is one of the determining elements of the sustainable design essential to a metropolitan situation.

The facade of the high-performance complex plays both a thermal and an acoustic role. It is the essential element with which the building expresses itself and dialogues with its environment. It also reflects the values ​​of the city of Paris, its identity, both at the level of the block and the district.